The Olsen Twins

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have had a lifelong love of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I found this article a fun read!

Gun Control Debate After Parkland

Ok, I am not one to discuss politics as I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion. I Also, find it extremely irritating whens others’ force their ideas on you or tell you that your beliefs are wrong. However, the gun control issue has had a very personal affect on me, so I feel very strongly about this one. NOTE: These are my personal feeling and in no way am I telling people they are wrong or trying to force people to see my side.

I was raised around guns, they were perfectly normal and safe in my family. My Father, Uncles, Brother-in-law, and now Husband have all owned guns for hunting purposes. I was always proud that I knew the safe way to use guns, it was for sport and nothing else. I was taught the dangers of guns and the proper way to handle them.

However, over the past two years my feeling towards guns have changed quite a bit. In the wrong hands, a gun can cause catastrophic events, and I am not solely talking about the rise in Mass Shootings in the Unites States. Guns in the hand of emotionally unstable people can be harmful, to that person, their families and their community. Now, as an activist for mental illness, there is a fine line between being functional and dangerous, but who gets the right to deny someone any type rights based on their mental status? It is a hard question and one that I certainly cannot answer.

I personally believe that there should be stricter education for gun owners and longer processes in obtaining the licenses. Additionally, If I am relative of a gun owner/shopper, I should have the ability to advocate for or against that person. Personally, had the I had chance to take them away, my life would be dramatically different right now.

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